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Lutheran Hour Ministries Sunday

Lutheran Hour Ministries Sunday

We've already started planning for LHM Sunday 2020, and those materials will be available to order starting September 16! If you don’t want to wait, you’re still welcome to order or download our 2019 LHM Sunday materials. We’ll continue to resource you to spread the news until all of our new materials go live!

Join the celebration of Lutheran Hour Ministries Sunday on any Sunday of your choosing throughout the year. To help make LHM Sunday as easy as possible, we provide you with the following materials for FREE!

  • Promotional Video
  • Bulletin inserts (including a postage paid giving envelope) that enable you to partner with LHM to share the Gospel around the world
  • Sermon Outline – John 20:21
  • Bible Study – John 20:21
  • Power Point Slide

You can download or request free quantities of the bulletin inserts and envelopes or download a pdf version of the insert.

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God has called Lutheran Hour Ministries to proclaim the risen Savior around the world. LHM’s members and partners come together to meet the greatest challenge of the 21st century—to proclaim messages of hope in the name of Jesus Christ. This belief leads us to a clear mission: Bringing Christ to the Nations—and the Nations to the Church. To do this, we will focus on four priorities:

  • Energize, Equip, and Engage Laity for Outreach
  • Grow God’s Kingdom through Expanded Media Outreach
  • Bring the Gospel to the Unreached Around the World
  • Engage Communities in the Digital Mission Field

We pray that you would join us in these efforts to share the Good News of Jesus around the world. Please consider hosting an LHM Sunday on Feb. 3, 2019, or on another date that works for your congregation.

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Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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