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Lenten Devotions

Outreach Suggestions

These new, customizable versions of the Lenten devotions present great opportunities for becoming an outreach service project into your community. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few suggestions to help you use either of the booklets:

Maximize Your Customizable Space

  • Use the customizable box on the inside front cover to invite your neighbors to worship, concerts, or special events.

  • Distribute more through gift bags. Place the booklets in plastic bags to hang on doorknobs. Enclose a flyer or postcard with church holiday activities and a witnessing gift like a pocket cross, church magnet, or a small birthday candle with a note about the light of Christ.

Leadership Opportunity for Youth

  • Involve your youth in reaching out through service: Parcel out the tasks of entering the customizable text, printing, and assembling the books. Have the youth hand them out to members of your congregation, either as people leave worship or another activity. Youth can also distribute in the community at events and businesses, or using the door hanger idea, above.

Creative Opportunity for Evangelism Team

  • Involve your evangelism or outreach committee in deciding ways to distribute the booklets--e.g., if you have a Lutheran School, it could be a great tool of outreach to families outside your congregation.

  • Create an email address just for Lenten devotion responses. Invite people to send questions, comments, even personal prayer requests through a special email address through the church website or a free email provider like Yahoo. Recruit a few qualified volunteers to personally respond to every email. Individuals could also do this when giving booklets- create a free email address (set it up so that it does not give any personal information) for people to discuss the devotions and faith.

  • Recruit volunteers to deliver the booklets throughout the community, coupled with a short visit at the door, inviting your neighbors to Easter events. Some who might not attend at other times of the year might be open to an invitation at Easter.

  • Host an event at a local nursing home, celebrating Lenten/Easter and distributing the booklets to residents.

  • Give a quantity to a local charity that distributes gifts at Easter. They may appreciate having another quality item to offer.

  • Take a team to distribute outside a sporting event, concert, etc. Check with event location or city about best legal practices for distribution.

  • Use the downloadable bulletin insert to highlight witnessing ideas for members.

Witness Opportunities for Every Member

  • Give to individuals encountered through everyday activities a simple, “Have a Blessed Easter” greeting.

    • Drive Thru restaurant workers

    • Bank tellers

    • Restaurant servers (leave WITH tip)

    • Cashiers and baggers at stores and gas stations ONLY after making a purchase.

    • Toll booth operators, parking lot attendants

  • Enclose a copy when paying bills

  • Leave in phone booths

  • Leave a quantity in waiting areas- Doctor’s office, hospital, restaurant, bank, funeral home, etc. with permission. (Use your Project Connect Junior Display for professional look.) Remember to check back and keep the location stocked. The business may also be interested in keeping a good thing going- let them know you can supply topical booklets too.

  • Take copies with you when traveling- you never know whom the Lord wants you to meet!

A Bigger Challenge for Every Member …

  • Try reading these with a friend who needs to know more about Jesus as his or her Savior. Being short and written in an easy-going style, these devotions leave lots of room for a quick conversation—just the sort of exchange your friends will find informative, but not pushy. Ask your friend for their “take” on these messages, and listen closely to what they have to say. Be ready for questions, and be sure to offer resources from your church or Lutheran Hour Ministries. (You can follow up with LHM’s Here booklet, available at, for example.) If you know someone who has drifted from church involvement, challenge that person to take five minutes a day for reflection. Surprise them by asking them to help work at a church activity too; that’s a simple—and fun—way for them to get to know people and for you to discuss more.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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