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Coming in mid-October, LHM Learn will be moving to a new platform. The new platform will offer all the same great courses AND is more mobile and user-friendly. Watch your email for the link to sign up soon!

a. LHM Learn, the library of free online courses, is moving to a new platform.

a. LHM Learn is moving in order to simplify the registration process and make learning easier to access on every type of device.

a. Every current learner must create a new account by going to and clicking on the Register button.

a. Unfortunately, not. Every learner will start with a new account.

a. Though there are some changes, one thing that won't change is the landing page

b. Much of what you know to be LHM Learn will stay the same, such as free access to dozens of courses created and designed for a wide range of learners.

c. Each of the courses from the previous LHM Learn library will transfer to this new platform.

d. Navigating through each of the courses will be virtually the same as in the past.

a. The course sign up process and account registration process will be simpler and easier.

b. The LHM Learn library will have a different look to it, and navigating around the library will be a bit easier. We have provided a video in the learning library to guide you.

c. Courses will be more accessible on smaller devices, such as smartphones, which makes these resources more available to more people in more places.

d. In addition to the individual courses that you are used to, this new learning library includes two additional forms of learning resources: micro learning courses and learning pathways.

a. Registration will begin on October 16th, 2023. Go to

a. The outgoing LHM Learn library will become unavailable on November 1st, 2023. You can access the outgoing library until October 31st here.

b. On that date, you will not have access to your current learning history anymore. You may want to take note of your progress so you can pick up where you left off.

a. Because learner accounts will not automatically transfer to the new platform, you'll have to create a new account by going to


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