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LHM—Malawi holds public rallies where they perform dramas and hold live music concerts where they proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. Staffers also visit the sick in hospitals, as well as reach out to children through Bible studies in school, and sports activities.

The ministry offers the eight-lesson "Real Life" Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) for adults. Lessons are published both in English and in the native Chichewa languages. The lessons are written so that people with no prior Biblical knowledge can understand them. In addition, prospective students, as well as people requesting information on a variety of topics, are encouraged to contact the ministry by its use of newspaper advertisements, news releases, feature articles, pamphlets, stickers, music and drama performances, and word of mouth. These media are produced in a variety of language dialects.

Graduates from the course have the opportunity to attend Kb>Equipping the Saints workshops, to help nurture and equip them with basic skills and knowledge to reach the lost with the love of Christ. Lutheran church members are encouraged to participate nationwide.

LHM—Malawi ministry programs:

  • Email
  • Billboards
  • Booklets
  • Bible Correspondence Courses including Youth materials
  • Equipping the Saints Workshop
  • Rallies
  • Drama Presentations
  • Concerts
  • Film Showing
  • Youth Ministry
  • Small Group Ministry
  • Prayer Ministry
  • HIV/AIDS - Mutual Faithfulness Among Couples

News from Malawi


Local Staff & Contact Info

Mphatso Thole

Lilongwe, MALAWI

Phone Number
(265-1) 72-6625

(265-1) 72-6641

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Partnerships and Volunteer Info

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