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In 1989, just prior to Mongolia's democratic revolution, there were 4 known Mongolian Christians. However, after the fall of Mongolia's communist government and an increase in Christian evangelism efforts, the numbers rose dramatically; by the year 2000 there were between 8,000 and 10,000 Mongolian Christians, and today there are as many as 100,000 believers in hundreds of churches and groups. With a government that limits interference in religious activities, Mongolia is considered one of the most "open" of the countries in Asia to the Gospel.

In partnership with Lutheran pastors and missionaries, Lutheran Hour Ministries-Mongolia is using Kazakh-language radio programming, especially in Mongolia's western provinces, to proclaim the Gospel and give basic Christian teaching. Listeners who respond to broadcasts will be invited to study the Bible and learn about Christian teachings through Bible listening groups with a translation of the LHM "Who is Jesus?" Bible study. The center publishes other Kazakh-language resources to supplement its radio programming and Bible courses.

Active ministry programs include:
Kazakh language, culture and music radio broadcasts
Kazakh and English language classes
Bible listening groups
Children's ministry
Satellite television programming
Ongoing discipleship through MP3 players
Personal witness

Partnerships and Volunteer Info

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