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12. Christian Life

12.1 Does this mean I won't have problems and challenges anymore?
The Bible makes it clear that as Christians we should not expect our lives to always be smooth and easy, far from it. Christians have always faced persecution in response to their beliefs. Paul warned the church in Thessalonica to expect trials:

Even Jesus cautioned the disciples to expect persecution in His Name:

But these challenges pale in comparison to the joy of knowing
God in this life and the next. His Word gives our lives meaning. His Word gives us comfort. The Christian faith gives an eternal hope!

12.2 So what is my role in the Kingdom of God?
Before ascending into Heaven, Jesus left us the Great Commission: instructions to spread the Gospel to every nation.

This direction makes logical sense for pastors, teachers and missionaries, but what about waitresses, mechanics and accountants? It's not always easy for a dentist to share the Good News of Christ while also sharing the bad news that you need a root canal. But our occupation does not stop us from performing our vocation to the best of our God-given abilities. As Christians, we help fulfill the Great Commission by doing the jobs we do in a God-pleasing way and taking every opportunity to bear witness to our faith.

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12.3 What role does prayer play?
Prayer is one of the greatest gifts God has given us: immediate access to speak with Him in both words and thoughts. At any time of the day or night we can turn to God and find Him there, ready to receive our praise, to share our joys, to hear our cries, and to answer us in every situation. What an amazing feeling it is to know that God, the Creator of the universe, loves each one of us enough to invite us to come to Him anytime.

12.4 Why should we pray?
We should pray because God has instructed us to do so.

Jesus has not only instructed us on how we should pray (see Luke 11:1-13), but He also modeled it for us, demonstrating His own active prayer life at several points throughout the Gospels. + / -

12.5 Do I have to attend worship?
There may be legitimate reasons we may not be able to worship on a given Sunday. But God did set aside a specific Commandment requiring weekly worship:

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12.6 What are good works?
Good Works are all those things that believers think, say and do as a result of their faith in Christ. These are actions done for the good of others and the glory of God. They are not done to bring praise and honor to ourselves. With our hearts set upon God and His will for our lives, we are moved to serve Him through serving others.

12.7 Do I need to perform good works?
Doing good works to earn our salvation? Absolutely not! Works cannot save us, nor do they earn us a spot in heaven. Writing to believers at Ephesus, Paul makes this abundantly clear:

12.8 So if good works don't save me, why should I bother?
The fact that our salvation isn't determined by the number of good deeds we perform on a daily, weekly or annual basis does not mean we should hesitate from doing good. In fact, our faith in Christ should naturally fill us with such love and gratitude that we can't help producing good works in response to the great blessings we have received from God.

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