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11. The End of Time

11.1 What does the Bible say about Christ's second coming?
Actually, a lot! For starters, we know Jesus will return in a similar manner as He left-that all will instantaneously see and know, and we are asked to be prepared for false teachings as the end of this world draws near.

11.2 What will Jesus do when He comes again?
The Bible teaches that when Jesus comes again, He will do a number of things:

11.3 What will happen to the believers when Jesus returns?
When Jesus comes again, He will instantly heal and transform the bodies of all living believers and make them immortal. He will bring back the spirits of those who have died in faith and reunite them with their perfect risen bodies. We will enjoy peace and happiness in never-ending bliss living together with God.

11.4 What happens when a believer dies, exactly?
One of the most famous passages of Scripture on this topic is when the thief on the cross next to Jesus confessed his guilt and prayed, "Jesus, remember me when You come into Your Kingdom." Jesus responded, "Today you will be with Me in paradise" (see Luke 23:42-43). Through this promise, Jesus revealed that our souls will instantly be with Him the moment we die. This truth is an everlasting joy to embrace.

11.5 All this talk about the end of the world and future judgment sounds scary. Should I be afraid?
That depends on your faith. If you regret your sins now, and trust in God's forgiveness for the sake of Jesus Christ's sacrifice, there is no need to fear the end of the world. That day will be a day of great joy because our Savior Jesus returns to restore creation and all believers!

By having faith in Christ there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by Jesus returning at the end of time. This is why Christians may be heard occasionally saying something like "Lord, come quickly." He will bring an end to all the pain, suffering and sin we must endure in this world, which gives way to an eternal life with God, with everlasting righteousness, innocence and blessedness.

11.6 What happens to people who don't believe in Jesus Christ as Savior?
Those who reject Christ will receive eternal punishment in hell. This is why Christians feel so strongly about sharing the Good News of Jesus, so as many as possible can be spared from hell.

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11.7 When is my eternal destiny decided?
It is decided by the state of faith or unbelief at the moment of death. After death there is no opportunity for changing one's condition, no second probation, no further offer of grace and forgiveness. For the resurrected dead, the last judgment is simply the grand finale of this present world. Their eternal destiny was already pronounced individually at the moment of their death. At the last judgment that sentence will be publicly confirmed and extended to the resurrected body also. He who continues in the faith unto the end has nothing to fear for his soul after death, nor for his body and soul on the Day of Judgment.

11.8 So if I believe in Jesus, will my body really rise from the grave?
Yes! We repeat this promise of God at every worship service through one of the ancient Christian statements of faith (creeds). This is also why Jesus is often referred to as the "firstborn of the dead" (see Revelation 1:5) The truth is every single person will rise from the dead-believer and unbeliever alike. Believers will be received into the joy of heaven, but the future for the risen unbeliever is the opposite.

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11.9 Will I have a body in heaven?
Genesis describes the Garden of Eden as a place where Adam and Eve walked and talked in the presence of God in a physical world. The Bible describes the new heavens and new earth very much like that-a glorious physical place where we will live with our resurrected bodies.

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11.10 What is the best way to live until then?
With faith in Christ's Word, we are safe no matter if the world ends tomorrow, or we die in a car accident tonight. Therefore, as Christians we can live in joyful expectation of the wonderful things to come, and share our hope with as many who will hear.