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6. Who is the Holy Spirit?

6.1 Who is the Holy Spirit?
The Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Trinity-one God with the Father and the Son. He is called God in the Bible:

He is not just the impersonal power of God or the energy of God. He is truly God-a personal Being. Jesus described the Holy Spirit as our Helper, Comforter and Counselor. He empowers us for living God-pleasing lives. He brings all of Jesus' gifts to us to equip us to accomplish our true purpose as we live on earth.

6.2 How long has the Holy Spirit been around?
He is the true and eternal God and was present at the creation of the world.

He also was active in the lives of God's followers from the beginning. Even Joshua, an early figure in the Old Testament was described as someone in whom the Holy Spirit lived.

6.3 What does the Holy Spirit do?
God the Father and Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to spread the message of salvation through Jesus Christ in various ways.

6.4 How did the Holy Spirit give birth to the Christian church?
(1) The Holy Spirit launched the church on the day of Pentecost. Jesus' disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit and given the gift of speaking in many languages.

The listeners, who were from many countries, understood the Good News of salvation in Jesus, confessed their faith in Him, and were baptized. Thousands were brought to faith that day, beginning the era of the New Testament Christian church.

(2) After gathering the Christian church, the Holy Spirit nurtures the community of God's people so the mission of God to save all people continues to be accomplished.

(3) In order to accomplish this mission, the Holy Spirit created the office of the pastor. God's plan for the church included servants who represent Him, serve His people, proclaim His Word, and equip all believers for witness and service. The Holy Spirit set men apart to serve as ministers of the Gospel.

6.5 What role does the Holy Spirit have in the lives of believers in Jesus?
The Holy Spirit causes us to believe in Jesus Christ. We have no ability to come to faith in Jesus ourselves, but the Holy Spirit creates faith in us and allows us to confess the Name of Jesus.

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6.6 How do you know the Holy Spirit is in you?
God promises that the Holy Spirit lives in you because Jesus purchased and won you when He paid the price for sin by dying on the cross.

God promises that the Holy Spirit cleanses your life from sin. it's called "sanctification". The Holy Spirit, working through the Word, Baptism, and the gift of the Lord's Supper, empowers you to live a life that pleases God and follows His ways.

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6.7 How does the Holy Spirit help you live your life as a Christian?
A clip from the movie Hugo illustrates how each of us seeks our purpose in life:

As you wonder about your purpose, the Holy Spirit gives you gifts and shows you why you are important to God here on earth and into eternity. The many spiritual gifts given by God work together to serve and build up the church. Every person in God's family is given spiritual gifts. These gifts are intended for humble service. Each person, as a unique child of God, has an important role in God's work here on earth. + / -

6.8 What is the value of good works?
As the Holy Spirit works in your life, He causes everything you do to glorify God. In addition to your acts of kindness and service, your normal day-to-day routines bring glory to God. These good works bring praise to God and bear witness to His love. However, good works do not earn favor from God. He gives His favor as a gift.

6.9 Is anyone able to live a perfectly holy life?
Only Jesus lived a perfect life. No matter how good we are, we are stained by sin in our thoughts, words and deeds. But God doesn't want us to sin more so we can receive more of His grace. He calls us to live lives that serve Him and bear witness to His goodness and love.

6.10 How do you know if the Holy Spirit is really at work?
You know the Holy Spirit is really at work because He always directs us to Jesus as true God and Savior. The ultimate test of the Spirit's presence is whether or not what is happening is pointing to Jesus Christ.

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6.11 What blessing does the Holy Spirit give you?
The Holy Spirit's presence in your life gives you everlasting hope. This hope is founded on God's loving sacrifice for you in Jesus. It is hope that endures-even as you face trial, struggle, doubt and uncertainty. The Holy Spirit fills you with certain hope in God who saved you, cares for you, and walks with you each and every day.

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