Pastor's Resources

Use the downloads below to launch an Adult Confirmation Class in four weeks .

Most browsers now include a built-in PDF viewer that allows you to view PDF files within the browser itself. However, the PDF files do not always display and print correctly in the PDF viewer. We recommend downloading these files (right-click, save file/link as ...) and opening them in Acrobat Reader.

GodConnects - PASTOR'S Four Week Preparation Guide

This convenient GodConnects prep guide will get your class off and running with minimum hassle. Using it, planners can generate interest, schedule classes, promote courses, offer child-care, recruit attendees, and make contacts. Checklists keep things simple and maximize the use of GodConnects materials. Pre-scripted wording for e-mails, e-vites, letters, announcements and more keep prospective attendees current on GodConnects class dates, places of meeting, and upcoming topics.

GodConnects - Four Week Guide - Checklists Only

Here's a four-week checklist to make promoting your GodConnects class a virtual no-brainer. By ticking off items as they're finished, each week builds on the previous week to reinforce and publicize the starting date of the GodConnects course.

GodConnects - COMPLETE Discussion Guide

This contains Discussion Guides for all twelve sessions in one PDF.

GodConnects - Session Powerpoint Files

Click the links below to download individual PPT files for all twelve sessions.

GodConnects - Prayers

To keep your upcoming GodConnects classes front and center, take advantage of these four congregational prayers. As you implement these prayers in your own context, be sure to remind people to consider inviting others and, once they've accepted and arrived, receive them gracefully.

GodConnects - PDF Referral Form

This little form is a critical piece of the GodConnects equation. Personal referrals are "qualified" leads. In other words, a bridge or connection is already in place to make contact and extend a hearty invitation for that person to come and experience the class. Keep these cards handy and offer them regularly. A GodConnects referral team can pray about these and, when appropriately indicated on the card, make direct contact with the referred individual.

GodConnects - Prospective Member List (XLS)

Now while personal referrals are an excellent source for potential new members, they may not commit to attending GodConnects after a single contact, or even two. This Excel form gives you a quick database of individuals, including space for basic residence data, e-mail info, family structure, church background, interest level, notes, and more. An up-to-date spreadsheet is a great tool for making calls and following up with contacts.