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Giving Tuesday

Take your gift 4 times as far!

Do you feel conflicted during the Christmas season? The meaning of the season is often overshadowed by the consumption and materialism that can define this time of year. Giving Tuesday 2017 is November 29th. This day stands as a celebration of how we can give, not just receive, during this season of joy.

For Christians, this is a day to give something eternal – the Good News of Jesus Christ!

This Giving Tuesday, generous partners of Lutheran Hour Ministries have come together to match the first $25,000 given to LHM 3 to 1, taking your gift 4 times as far!

Think of it this way:

We're celebrating GivingTuesday early!
You can have your gift matched beginning Monday, November 28th!
Don't wait to take advantage of this matching grant opportunity!

I want to take my gift four times as far!

Take your gift four times as far this Giving Tuesday.
Donate Now!

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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