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Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Romans 10:17
So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.

When was the first time you heard the Gospel?

775 million people in the world can only learn through hearing. They are unable to read job applications, medication labels, and most importantly, the Gospel. How do we reach these people with the Message of Jesus Christ?

This Giving Tuesday, we are asking you to help LHM spread the power of hearing the Gospel. Thanks to individuals like you, LHM brings the Good News of Jesus to those who are unable to read through radio programs, podcast ministry, and small MP3 devices that contain biblical readings for individuals who may not have other access to God’s Word.

MP3 Players

You can provide the life-changing power of the Gospel today with a gift to support programs like LHM’s audio ministries. To make the impact of your gift even greater, a generous donor of Lutheran Hour Ministries has come forward THIS GIVING TUESDAY to match donations dollar-for-dollar—up to the first $50,000—taking your gift twice as far. Normally, your gift of one hundred dollars would help us share the Gospel with over 10,000 people. But with this match it can reach more than 20,000 people.

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Who are we equipping? Individuals like Erik. Erik works for LHM–Malaysia, one of our many ministry centers around the world that connects non-Christian individuals with the hope of Jesus and a local church home. The staff of LHM–Malaysia has the ability to develop and run programming that connects to the local population of their country and reach them with the Gospel message of Christ.

LHM–Malaysia holds the same goals of all LHM Global ministry centers by focusing on three key emphases:

  1. Unreached people who have little or no possibility of hearing the Gospel.

  2. Urban areas, which house large concentrations of unreached people.

  3. The emerging global youth culture, which is identified as another unreached people group.

One way that LHM–Malaysia reaches these goals is through distributing MP3 devices that contain the Gospel Message. In addition to biblical readings, these devices also contain portions of Luther’s Catechism, as well as questions that guide them to recall what they have heard.

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This is just ONE small example of how LHM spreads God’s Word all over the world. With ministry centers located in 30+ countries, our global staff members work hard to ensure they are reaching people with the Gospel in culturally-relevant ways. Our ministry centers are able to provide ministries like the MP3 players, Bible Correspondence Courses, Christian movie screenings, and more because of your generous gift to LHM.

Children with booklets

We do ministry a little differently. We want you to understand why, and to help us continue to touch lives with Jesus Christ each and every day!

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Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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