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Your gift can DOUBLE in impact when you partner with us today!

$500,000 Matching Grant

Your gift can DOUBLE in impact when you partner with us today!

"I’m only one person. Does ministry work truly depend on me?"

The answer is YES.

Lutheran Hour Ministries is a family of Christians who come together in the Savior’s name. Some serve on staff. Others volunteer. Individuals like you put the gears into motion with your financial support.

Your gift of support today
can be doubled — dollar for dollar — by a
$500,000 Matching Grant.

You can find out more in this brief video.

The video will also introduce you to SENT, Lutheran Hour Ministries’ bold strategy to carry the Gospel to 100 million individuals worldwide.

With your generous contribution, you will:

  • Bring The Lutheran Hour to one million listeners
  • Make resources available to energize, equip, and engage laity for outreach
  • Grow God’s kingdom through expanded media outreach
  • Proclaim the Gospel to the unreached in 50+ nations
  • Build and nurture communities in the digital mission field

We invite you to stand with us as we prepare to begin 2019. When you do, your tax-deductible contribution can double in value through the $500,000 Matching Grant.

Will you stand with us today?

On behalf of those who will be touched by the Savior’s love because of you … thank you.

Your gift can be doubled! Donate Now

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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