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Share God’s Love

Share God’s Love During Desperate Times

We’ve all witnessed the news reports regarding the swift collapse of the democratic government in Afghanistan over the last several days. Many people there are living in fear as they attempt to flee their homes, or in many cases the country, to escape the escalating violence. And many Christians, though fearful, have chosen to boldly stand unwavering in their faith despite the obvious consequences.

Over the past three years, Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) has partnered with SAT-7 PARS to bring the love of Christ to the region through its support of two programs for children and youth. Now, LHM is supporting new programming geared for a time when hurting people need the hope of the Gospel more than ever. SAT-7 PARS’ live satellite television broadcasts in Farsi — understood by most Afghans — and the local Dari language can reach homes across the entire country uncensored, delivering the only source of hope for thousands of isolated Afghan Christians living in unsettling circumstances.

“We are thankful for our ongoing media ministry partnership with SAT-7 that allows us to continue broadcasting messages of hope in the midst of so much uncertainty and fear,” says LHM President & CEO Kurt Buchholz.

What Can You Do?

First, we ask you to pray for Afghanistan and its people. Pray for all those impacted by the violence and those seeking a means of escaping the country. Pray that the rights of Afghanistan’s women, children, and men will not be ignored and will be upheld. Pray against violence and oppression. Pray for Christians and ethnic minorities who fear being singled out and targeted. Pray for those who have not yet heard the Gospel. Pray for hope, mercy, justice, and healing in Afghanistan.

Share God’s Love in Afghanistan

Second, as a ministry focused on sharing the love of Christ with those who need to hear it, LHM is inspired by the Gospel to reach out to displaced individuals through additional media opportunities produced in partnership with SAT-7. You can serve as a lifeline for these isolated individuals by helping us raise $50,000 to bring hope to the lives of these hurting people.

SAT-7 PARS is responding to this crisis by producing a live weekly social media program and a live 60-minute satellite broadcast from Cyprus with guests including well known Afghan and Iranian pastors, Afghan refugees, and psychologists. Other activities include expanded social media posts, tweets, and RSS feeds (crawl messages) on screen asking for prayers. The channel’s social media and live-chat platforms have experienced a huge surge in the number of Afghans posting messages and calling the ministry’s viewer counseling line, desperate for encouragement and hope. The channel expects a 50- percent increase in contacts this year.

Any funds raised beyond our $50,000 goal will support other LHM ministry work that shares the Good News throughout the region.

“There are no borders to our visible message of God’s love and hope,” says SAT-7 North America President Dr. Rex Rogers. “Many people are leaving Afghanistan right now, but we are there on-air — and we will remain there.”

Launched 25 years ago, SAT-7’s broadcasts now reach more than 25 million viewers across the Middle East, North Africa, and Central and South Asia in three languages — Arabic, Farsi, and Turkish — encouraging people in places like Afghanistan, Iran, and Syria with programs presented by Middle East Christians addressing “real-life” issues.

Share God’s Love in Afghanistan

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