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Become a Mission Monthly Member!

Where would Christians be without hope?

We face a world that is full of darkness, but we know that God is in control. You and I have hope in Jesus Christ — and the Good News this world so desperately needs.

God is working through Lutheran Hour Ministries to share that Gospel message worldwide. You can help move this mission forward by becoming a member of our Mission Monthly giving circle.

Mission Monthly is a core group of ministry partners who commit to share Christ’s hope with the lost by making a gift of any amount each month, whether by check, online or through automatic payments from their bank account or credit card. You can even text GIVE to 417-815-8105.

Many Mission Monthly members choose automatic payments because they:

  • Offer the greatest convenience.
  • Are more affordable for your budget.
  • Allow your gifts to go to work immediately!

As a Mission Monthly member, you will make a monthly statement that our God is bigger than the darkness we see today. Your support will travel throughout the U.S. and around the world. Each month, you will hold out Christ’s love to individuals in 50 nations – making an impact in places you may never go!

God uses LHM and Christian believers just like you in miraculous ways to reach people with the Gospel.

Will you become a Mission Monthly member and share the light of the Gospel with individuals lost in darkness?

I Want to Become a Mission Monthly Member

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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