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Gift Planning Staff

LHM Constituent Services Office

  • Jeff Craig-Meyer

    Jeff Craig-Meyer

    Jeff Craig-Meyer serves as Vice President, Constituencies. He provides leadership to the team as they connect donors to God's mission through LHM using a variety of means including annual gifts, major leadership gifts and planned gifts.
  • Brad Neathery

    Brad Neathery

    Brad Neathery serves as Associate Director, Ministry Support. He oversees the Annual Support campaign and collaborates with Gift Planning and Ministry Advancement Officers.
  • Terry Biesboer

    Terry Biesboer

    Terry Biesboer serves as Associate Director, Major and Planned Gifts.
  • Carla Foy

    Vicki Schrader

    Vicki Schrader serves as the Associate Director, Funding Initiative. She oversees the current Funding Initiative and provides leadership to volunteer teams.
  • Jeff Craig-Meyer

    Carla Foy

    Carla Foy serves as Manager, Gift Design and Administration. She works with the Ministry Advancement Officers to assist donors with their current and deferred gifts.

LHM Ministry Advancement Officers

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