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You can carry the Gospel to a military member!

You can carry the Gospel to a military member!

Many who need the Gospel are in the military.

Some serve in danger zones overseas, far from spouse and children. New recruits undergo training in new towns, lonely and isolated from the congregations they call home.

Did you know Lutheran Hour Ministries broadcasts to them?

Each week, in addition to our traditional broadcasts of The Lutheran Hour®, we produce a special version of the program for the American Forces Network.

For those who cannot tune in, we offer the program as a podcast, which they can download and carry with them.

Troops also write to thank us—and thank people like you—for our Daily Devotions, which bring them peace and comfort.

As they lay down their lives for us, we tell them about the Savior, who laid down His life for them.

Will you consider a special contribution to help us produce programs to uplift and strengthen our troops and others in need of Good News?

As you do, we pray the Holy Spirit brings many of our military heroes to faith in Jesus.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

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