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Someone is about to hear they can have a new beginning. YOU can be the one to tell them about it!

Your gift can have
a worldwide impact.

Someone is about to hear they can have a new beginning. YOU can be the one to tell them about it!

Nothing compares to new beginnings, wouldn’t you agree?

Last year, many people heard the Gospel for the first time through Lutheran Hour Ministries’ programs. Friends like you carried the Gospel to millions at home and abroad. We referred thousands to local congregations.

Yet billions still live in sin’s darkness.

You can help introduce them to the
new beginning Christ offers them.

Today, we hope you will proclaim that new beginning to them through a gift of support toward Lutheran Hour Ministries.

Individuals around the world will be thankful you did:

  1. One million listeners will hear The Lutheran Hour® over the air, on satellite radio, and online.

  2. Christians will be equipped in their faith through LHM Learn online educational resources.

  3. Individuals under 40 years old can discuss their skepticism of Christianity and the church—and find the answers they crave—on our THRED and Vivenciar digital platforms.

  4. People with little or no exposure to the Gospel will hear of Jesus as part of our outreach in more than 50 nations.

Where the ministry goes, YOU go with us.

Will you consider a generous contribution today?

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Your gift can have a worldwide impact >>
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Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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