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In coordination with the Lutheran Church in Guatemala and the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod's Disaster Response team, staff from LHM—Guatemala are assisting people affected by the country's most violent volcano eruption in more than 100 years.

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Despite persecution by the Communist government, Christianity is on the rise in China, including among children. But the Gospel reaches them one heart at a time. In China, materials teaching children about the Savior are needed desperately.

LHM helps fill that void. The Angel with Big Feet is a children's story about the life of Jesus, as seen through the eyes of Agnes, an angel who can't fly. She's the perfect character to pique the curiosity of young souls - and tell them about the Savior who loves them.

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Andrea's road wasn't easy. As a young girl, she suffered from a nervous breakdown. Schizophrenia, paranoia - the downward spiral plagued her into middle age. Finally, she reached a point of desperation.

"I needed someone to help me," she says. "I needed Jesus Christ."

Then the Lord met Andrea at her point of need through an LHM broadcast.

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People assumed James was a Christian - but he had never stepped inside a church. He lives in Kenya, where his parents held to an African traditional faith. Despite his biblical name, James considered himself a Mkosa dini, a Swahili term meaning a person with no religion.

He struggled with eyesight issues, but he couldn't afford eyeglasses due to other family needs. Then he heard about an eye clinic in Nairobi, where LHM partnered with a local congregation to offer medical assistance - and the Good News of Jesus.

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Graciela grew up in a small town where alcoholism and poverty were common. Those conditions often led to verbal and physical abuse toward women and children like Graciela. In this difficult environment, Graciela developed into a rebel and alcoholic at an early age.

Eventually, her parents threw her out of the house, and she wandered the streets. One day, though she wasn't looking, she found a booklet from LHM called Trusting in God.

Gabriela didn't know God. She had never even learned to pray. Yet she had often wondered, "Where is the God that people talk about?" She decided to give the booklet a try - and the Lord used it to give her a second chance.

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Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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