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Header image with map of Africa, Ethiopia highlighted, and a photo of a man standing in the aftermath of flooding.

Flooding in Ethiopia

Our LHM Family in Ethiopia Needs Your Help!

August 17 started as a typical Tuesday for the staff of Lutheran Hour Ministries–Ethiopia. The ministry team was busy registering new students for its Bible Correspondence Courses, writing reports, and making plans for a trip the next day to share the Gospel with people in a village 12 hours to the south. But this typical summer day took a sudden turn for the worse.

Late that afternoon, the staff noticed muddy water from a nearby stream rapidly beginning to flow into the office through the back doors of the building. They quickly began unplugging computers and gathering their belongings to leave through the front door. During that brief time, the water rose rapidly and filled the interior of the office. The water pressure from the rising stream made it difficult to open the door, so several staff members strained to open the door and heavy gates to reach the safety of higher ground on a nearby hill.

Thankfully all our LHM staff members were able to escape without injury but the next morning revealed extensive damage to the ministry center. The water left several inches of mud that ruined carpet, furniture, computers, printers, and the generator. Most importantly, the damage destroyed all the team’s ministry materials: its inventory of thousands of Gospel tracts, booklets, Bibles, and Bible Correspondence Course lessons as well as its public address system and digital projectors used to share the Gospel at large-scale events.

Help Ministry Continue in Ethiopia

While we are grateful for God’s love and protection of the ministry staff, this catastrophic loss of inventory and materials has left LHM’s ministry in Ethiopia at a virtual standstill. Upcoming events and activities to share the hope of the Gospel with thousands will have to be postponed until critical ministry outreach materials can be replaced.

You can help our team in Ethiopia get back on its feet by helping us raise $50,000. Since the damage caused from these rising flood waters is excluded from insurance coverage, your generous support will assist with relocation costs as well as replacement of ministry resources in the weeks ahead. Funds raised beyond what is needed to reestablish LHM’s ministry in Ethiopia will support other LHM ministry efforts in the region. Thank you for your prayers as we provide basic care for our staff in Ethiopia, and your support that will allow us to continue sharing the Gospel throughout the country with people who need to hear it.

Help Ministry Continue in Ethiopia

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