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$100,000 MATCHING GRANT Opportunity

Make your gift go twice as far by taking advantage of LHM’ $100,000 Matching Grant opportunity. Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar — doubling the impact of your donation!

Have you noticed hostility on the rise? Attempts to silence your voice as a Christian?

Here’s the paradox: This world needs us to stand firm, holding forth the Good News of the risen Savior.

You can take your stand through a special opportunity. And it takes less than a minute ...

LHM has received
a $100,000 Matching Grant
that can double your gift of support.

Your gift, when combined with the Matching Grant, would help unleash a total of $200,000 for ministry outreach on a global scale ...

Each week on The Lutheran Hour®, we boldly proclaim the Good News to one million listeners..

Brand-new satellite television programming allows us to reach North Africa and the Middle East. In these key regions of unrest, Christianity is a minority religion.

Our social media-based THRED program reaches 74,000 individuals weekly. It triggers discussion and offers answers to those who have walked away from the church—or never walked into one.

Lutheran Hour Ministries carries the Gospel into 50 nations via direct contact and emerging technology ... but only with your help.

Will you stand with us in this critical hour?

Your gift today can go twice the distance.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

Thank you for saying “Yes!” to this unique opportunity!

Help ensure crucial ministry efforts remain active ... >>
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Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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