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Donor Accountability

Donor Accountability

  Thank you for your support of Lutheran Hour Ministries (International Lutheran Laymen's League) as we work together to share the Gospel around the world! This page is provided for our contributors and volunteers for accountability.

IRS Verification of 501(c)(3) Status

IRS Exemption Requirements - 501(c)(3) Organizations
IRS Tax Identification/Employer Identification Number (EIN): 43-0653365

Federal Form 990 or Form 990N

As a church-affiliated organization and an auxiliary of the Lutheran Churchā€”Missouri Synod, we are exempt from filing a Federal Form 990. More information on the exemption can by found on

Annual Report and Financials for Lutheran Hour Ministries

An annual ministry impact report is available by visiting
2023 Audited Financials
2022 Audited Financials
2021 Audited Financials
2020 Audited Financials
2019 Audited Financials
2018 Audited Financials
2017 Audited Financials
2016 Audited Financials
2015 Audited Financials

Organization Policies and Donor Rights

Privacy Policy
Donor Bill of Rights
Code of Ethics
Gift Acceptance Policies
Uniform Disclosure Statement

Organizational Leadership and Boards

Lutheran Hour Ministries Leadership Team
Lutheran Hour Ministries Board of Directors
LHM Foundation Board of Trustees

External Giving and Non-Profit Resources

Guidestar - Lutheran Hour Ministries
America's Best Charities - Lutheran Hour Ministries
Christian Charities USA - Lutheran Hour Ministries

Ministry Updates and Publications

Stay up to date @OurLHM
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