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Gifted for More
A New Framework for Equipping Christians to Share Their Abilities and Skills in Everyday Life

Encouraging people to explore, strengthen and share their gifts is a deeply spiritual endeavor—one that churches and faith leaders are primed to support. Yet Barna Group research suggests that pastors and the congregations they lead often have a narrow understanding of what gifts look like, how they grow and where they can be used. Gifted for More provides crucial research to help today’s Church flourish and grow and help Christians understand and use their gifts well—inside and outside of church walls.

Gifted for More Monograph

Gifted for More, based on a study conducted in partnership with Barna Group, offers the U.S. Church a fresh framework for gifts. This report follows Christians through phases of their own journey: from being aware of their gifts, to being intentional with their gifts, to being generous with their gifts.

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EveryGift Inventory

Curious about the aptitudes, innate abilities, and acquired skills that make you unique? Take the EveryGift Inventory to see your gifts in twelve distinct areas.

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