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When the Lord calls you home, who will carry forward your faith and your commitment to sharing Jesus with a world in need? Our Vine and Branches Trust allows you to establish or add to an endowment that will share the Gospel with future generations — a legacy of your faith. Your gift will continue to provide support year after year to the mission and ministry work you care most about, even after the Lord brings you to your home in heaven.

Giving through an endowment provides security and control to supporters. This type of gift sustains your ministry impact into the future while allowing you the freedom to determine how your contributions are used. Lutheran Hour Ministries receives the proceeds of the funds to use for ministry while the initial investment into the fund is protected for perpetuity.

You can establish a named endowment with as little as a $10,000 commitment. The best part of this type of gift is that as investments grow, the impact on ministry over time will far surpass your initial investment. For more information, please contact the Gift Planning Department at 1-877-333-1963 or


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