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Based on the research for “Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age,” Barna painted a picture of the Eager Conversationalist, a person who had conversations about faith more than ten times a year. Looking at those individuals, common characteristics began to emerge.

Eager Conversationalists are people who:

• EMBRACE THE GOSPEL. They have a clear and certain understanding that salvation comes from belief in Jesus Christ alone and forgiveness of sins comes only through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

• APPLY SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES. Not only do they say faith is very important to their everyday lives, but they actively seek to grow their faith through prayer, reading the Bible and attending worship regularly.

• GRASP THE CALLING. These individuals know they are part of the “priesthood of all believers.” They accept a personal responsibility to share their faith with other people.

• EXPECT SPIRITUAL CONVERSATIONS. While some actively seek opportunities to share, many say spiritual conversations happen unexpectedly. This group is ready and willing to participate when they happen.

• RESPOND CONFIDENTLY. Overall, these individuals feel qualified to share their faith and are glad when they do. They feel peace and joy; they laugh; they aren’t afraid even though they know these conversations are sometimes difficult.

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