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Households of Faith

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Discover the Joy of a Spiritually Vibrant Household!

Barna Group studies developed in partnership with Lutheran Hour Ministries have revealed much about the state of religion in the United States and how faith is perceived and discussed in public. But what about how faith is being nurtured in private—with the spouses, children, parents, roommates and even frequent visitors who spend time under our roofs?

The timeliness of this research is so important since people are spending more time at home than they have before. This makes for a great opportunity to examine our own households and start practices that we can continue in the future.

Let’s get started!

Check out the videos below to learn from LHM staff about the materials created for Households of Faith.


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Do you have a spiritually vibrant home?

The research for Households of Faith identified three practices that anyone can apply to their households. Spiritually vibrant Christian households are more likely to regularly participate in applying spiritual disciplines, engaging in spiritual conversations, and extending hospitality. Our resources are meant to nurture the faith in your household no matter how spiritually vibrant it is.

Where do I begin?

Nurturing the faith in our households can seem like quite a task, but it doesn’t have to be! Our FREE LHM Learn courses will help equip you to nurture the faith in your household.

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Additional Resources

Households of Faith Kit Now that you’ve learned more about what it takes to have a spiritually vibrant home, we encourage you to take a step further with a Households of Faith kit!

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Starting Spiritual Conversations

Spiritual Conversation CurveAre you comfortable starting spiritual conversations with someone? Use the Spiritual Conversation Curve to guide your approach based on where your conversation partner is in their spiritual journey.

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Where did all this come from?

Lutheran Hour Ministries embarked on a three-year partnership with Barna Group to study faith in America and bring you award-winning research in an understandable way. Year one focused on Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age. The second year delves into Households of Faith. Year three will explore Hopeful Neighborhoods. Find out more about the partnership and to see all of the resources available based on this study.

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What people are saying...

“If you only have time to read one book this year on energizing your family’s spiritual life, read this one. Since I finished The Spiritually Vibrant Home, I have found myself talking about the content and quoting it every day.”

“This research allows LHM to provide timely and relevant resources that meet people where they are at. It enables us to gain a hearing for the Gospel in an inviting and contextual way—guiding those who seek toward faith.”

“I see Households of Faith being a longer-term initiative and have continued to highlight it regularly in our communications.”

“This book provides Christians with a roadmap to developing intentional rhythms that nurture their spirit, honor their heavenly Father, and pass on their faith to the next generation.”

“I have had a chance to use many of the materials LHM has put out in the past year and am very excited to dig through The Spiritually Vibrant Home.”

“The work that you all are doing at LHM for the church throughout the world is essential and beautiful.”

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