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"For Richer Or Richer"

September 24, 2008

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But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:33

Before my sainted father-in-law escorted my wife down the aisle he said, "You know, you're never going to be rich."

He wasn't trying to talk Pam out of the wedding (I hope). He was offering a bit of fatherly concern.

His words came back to me when I read a report in the New York Times, which said, "Marriage at its core is still a financial union."

That's why I asked Pam if she agreed. She said, "The Lord has given us enough for what He wanted us to do." Thank you Lord, for such a wife.

While there is little doubt that money is an important factor in any relationship, as a Christian, I cannot believe marriage is at its core a financial union.

Most Christians, I think would agree that it is a spiritual union. A bride and groom's promise of staying together through sickness and health and in financially good and bad times would almost be impossible to keep if it were not for God's ongoing and sustaining presence.

Yes, marriage is a spiritual union.

If anyone doubts what I am saying, I would encourage him to visit with some of the husbands and wives who survived the Great Depression. Visit with those who remember when a mother's dress had to last a few years. Ask them about when shoes for their children were in short supply. Listen to what they say about when man's worth was measured by his integrity rather than his bank account.

Talk to them and they will tell you that while families didn't have much in the way of cash, many of them had dignity, honesty, and a sense of honor.

See how dignity, honesty, and a sense of honor were founded in and maintained by the Savior.

You see, Jesus, the crucified and risen Lord, isn't limited to helping people when they die. He is here right now, offering assistance, guidance and hope every day of our lives.

This, at least in part, is what Jesus meant when He said, "But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you."

THE PRAYER: Dear Lord Jesus, for forgiveness and a home in heaven, I am indebted to You. But I am also thankful that You have shown Yourself willing to help me get through every day of my life. Let me turn to You for guidance and direction. In Your Name, I ask it. Amen.

In Christ I remain His servant and yours,

Pastor Ken Klaus
Speaker emeritus of The Lutheran Hour®
Lutheran Hour Ministries

Today's Bible Readings: Isaiah 34-36    Romans 4

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