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March 8, 2008

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. . . but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity. 1 Timothy 4:12b

Drivers breaking traffic laws are not a problem confined to North America. Violating the rules of the road is a common enough sin in Japan, too.

Now, the Japanese police seem to have found a way to slow people down.

Here’s how it works. They position full-sized cardboard policemen in full-sized cardboard police cars near busy intersections and along country roads.

Authorities claim that ninety-nine percent of the speeders hit their brakes when they spot the cardboard cutouts. That’s especially true at night, when, the car headlights illuminate the realistic decoys. What a silly, sad world it is where police have to trick responsible adults into doing the right thing.

Then again, maybe we responsible adults aren't all that responsible. I know I’m not. Many times when I’m driving down the road I find myself mentally calculating just how far above the speed limit I can go.

Because humanity is almost always irresponsible and sinful, God decided to save us. Through His Son, God loved the unlovable and reached out to those who had slapped Him away.

Now He asks us to believe in Jesus, trust Him, and responsibly share His love with others. How do we do this? Well, part of the answer for me is in setting a responsible example for others.

Won’t you join me?

From a devotion originally written for "By the Way"

THE PRAYER: Lord Jesus, full of selfish intentions, we scheme to get ahead and show our law-breaking natures at every turn. Forgive us and help us be responsible saints who love You and set an example for others. In Your Name. Amen.

NOTICE: Lutheran Church Charities invited me to write a sermon of comfort for the victims of the shooting at Northern Illinois University. That sermon has been posted here: Sermon Your viewing and response is appreciated.

In Him,
Pastor Ken Klaus

In Christ I remain His servant and yours,

Pastor Ken Klaus
Speaker emeritus of The Lutheran Hour®
Lutheran Hour Ministries

Today's Bible Readings: Leviticus 25    Mark 11:1-18

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