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"Inclined To Listen"

May 3, 2007

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I love the LORD, because he has heard my voice and my pleas for mercy. Because he inclined his ear to me, therefore I will call on him as long as I live. Psalm 116:1-2

I’ve never met 20-year-old Ryan Fitzgerald of Southbridge, Massachusetts. Even so, I think he must be someone very special. Last week Ryan, who is unemployed and lives at home with his father, realized he wanted to do something worthwhile with his extra hours. Unlike many who might take a course at the local Community College or take up knitting (both of which are admirable pursuits), Ryan posted an ad on the Internet. In his short video, Ryan gave his cell-phone number and offered to be there for “anyone who needed to talk.” He said, “I never met you, but I do care.”

In less than a week, more than 5,000 people had taken Ryan up on his offer. Did you get that? 5,000 PEOPLE! Ryan’s only difficulty is that his free cell-phone minutes are only good on the weekends. Monday through Friday, he has to pay for all of his benevolent conversations. Ryan’s willingness to listen has the potential of costing him a fortune. I wish him well!

Thinking about Ryan with his cell-phone glued to his ear, I remembered the above text from the book of Psalms. A quick reading of those words will remind us that Ryan is not the only caring person in the world who is ready to listen to anyone who needs to talk.

But today, I ask that you do more than skim over those words. Think about them a bit. Especially, I’d like you to picture in your mind’s eye this thought, “He inclined His ear to me.” The Psalmist is saying that the all-powerful Lord, the Triune God who called the universe into being with a word, is ready to listen to His fragile, little children. Can you see our Father, sitting on His majestic throne, leaning forward and inclining His ear so that He doesn’t miss a single word that comes from the hearts and minds of His blood-bought children?

Twenty-four hours a day, with no cell-phone costs, God’s ear is inclined for you. Seven days a week, without any waiting or busy signals, the Lord’s ear is inclined to hear the prayers you offer to Him. Because of Jesus’ sacrifice, the Father’s ear is inclined for your prayer today.

THE PRAYER: Dear Lord, for the wonderful people who are ready to listen to us and who are a great blessing to us, we are most appreciative. But we give thanks most of all that YOUR ear is inclined to hear my thoughts. Knowing that You are listening, I would like to speak to You about (INSERT YOUR NEEDS/PRAISE/CONCERNS HERE). These things I pray in the name of Jesus, my Savior and Lord, Amen.

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Today's Bible Readings: Psalms 52     Psalms 57    Psalms 142    Luke 22:24-46

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