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January 22, 2006

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"Go and do likewise." Luke 10:37

The story from which our text is taken, the parable of the Good Samaritan, tells us a lot about caring.

It is sometimes true that those who need our care are themselves to blame for their need. Perhaps it's hard for us to generate much care for people who have made a mess of their life.

Some of us act like the priest in Luke 10, who demonstrates that not everyone who worships God hears His call to help others. Then there is the Levite, so focused on taking his turn in leading the service in the temple that he was not motivated to take his turn in service to the man in need at the side of the road.

Enter the Samaritan. We note two things about this man, himself the victim of the prejudices of his day. First, he was ready and willing to help. Second, his credit was good. The innkeeper trusted him to pay the victim's bill.

The lesson is clear. Everyone who is in need is our neighbor. Feeling sorry for people less fortunate than we are is not enough. People bringing trouble on themselves is no reason for us to hold back our care and our assistance. God has heard our cry for mercy, though our need for it is our own doing and failure. And we are to hear and heed the cry for mercy of everyone in need.

PRAYER: Dear Jesus, I want Your "go and do likewise" to guide my actions daily. Amen.

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Today's Bible Readings: Job 34-35    Matthew 14:22-36

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