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"God Tests Us"

December 5, 2004

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Some time later God tested Abraham. Genesis 22:1

I dreaded tests. Just when I thought I knew my stuff and was prepared to repeat what I was taught—disaster would strike. I would draw a blank and was doomed. It wasn’t the teachers’ fault, but I still blamed them, accusing them of using trick questions or not telling me something was going to be on the test.

The same thing happens in life when we are tested. Some people become so confused and flustered they feel they’re doomed. Some even begin to resent God. In despair and frustration they turn on Him, then go a different way.

That’s not God’s intention. Luther reminds us that God tests us “to bring us closer to Himself.” Abraham committed himself fully to the Lord. He trusted God totally for everything and one day God, in His boldness, decided to test him. The test confused Abraham. God asked him to sacrifice his son. God supposedly loved Abraham, yet He asked him to kill his precious son. Why? Some scholars suggest God knew that Abraham was in danger of loving his son more than his God. The test would make him look closely at his life and arrange his priorities properly. This may seem harsh, but when faith and salvation are at stake God wants to draw us close to Him. As we begin the second week in Advent, where are your priorities?

Prayer: Almighty Father, we know testing brings us close to You. Give us the grace to see Your hand in these times and place our faith and trust in Your care. Amen.

My Bold Action for Today: Encourage someone who is struggling to remember that when God tests us He is with us, drawing us to Him.
Rev. John Trembulak III

Today's Bible Readings: Ezra 1-2    1 John 4

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