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Daily Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries

"Spoke about The Child"

January 4, 2004

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[Anna] …gave thanks to God and spoke about the child. Luke 2:38


Anna gave thanks and spoke about Jesus to all who were looking forward to redemption. God is worthy of thanks for the redemption of all people in Christ.

Bill and his family picked up Chuck and Bobby for church on Sunday morning. The men who had met Chuck at Bill’s house greeted him. Sam and Bobby hung out with Sam’s friends by the coat rack in the corner.

Chuck really didn’t know what to expect. He did have a childhood memory of a time he went to church with a friend—the man and woman in front of him glared in disgust when he asked his friend if he wanted some gum. He figured either gum or little boys were not welcome in that church.

Bill helped him follow the service. The pastor preached about starting the New Year with a new or renewed relationship with God. He said, “God sent His Son as a child to set us free from sin. We repent of our sins and give thanks to God for what He has done. Because of what God has done in Christ, we can start anew by faith in Him.” Chuck listened carefully. He was starting a new life in Christ.

On the way home, Chuck said, “That’s not what I expected. I thought we’d just hear a bunch of rules.” Bill responded, ”Christians follow Jesus because of His love for us, not because of rules. We focus on Jesus and hear His Word. We follow His commands out of love.”

A worship experience can seem strange to visitors. Be ready to assist and explain to them the various things that happen. Most of all help them focus on Jesus.

Pray that God will make known the salvation of Jesus to new people in worship at your church.

Today's Bible Readings: Genesis 10-12    Matthew 4

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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