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Daily Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries

"God Helps His Servant"

December 17, 2003

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“He has helped His servant Israel, remembering to be merciful.” Luke 1:54


In Mary’s response, known as the Magnificat, she recounts the wondrous and merciful acts of God toward His people.

Bill arrived at work on Wednesday, hoping to talk to Chuck. That afternoon, Chuck stopped by his office. He said, “Bill, I really didn’t mean to snap at you the other day. I’m just having a really difficult time right now.”

Bill responded, “Chuck, I know I don’t understand your situation very well. I certainly didn’t mean to offend you. I can’t even imagine everything you are experiencing.”

Chuck replied, “It’s really tough. I never thought my marriage would end in divorce. And, now, trying to raise Bobby on my own—well, it’s just really hard. He needs special attention I can’t seem to give him right now.”

Bill said, “Chuck, whenever I’ve gone through difficult challenges, I’ve relied on my faith in God to help. That’s why I said what I did the other day. I believe Jesus really can help. In fact, just yesterday, I was thinking about when Jenny had pneumonia as a baby …” Bill went on to tell him how God had been merciful and helped Jenny and his family during that time.

Chuck listened and said, “I feel like I am losing everything right now. I’m not sure God can help.”

God is merciful. He sent His Son to make His mercy known in the forgiveness of sins. In every circumstance, He helps us—in difficult times and in our witness of Him. Rely on His mercy and love in Christ.

Pray that God would continually pour out His mercy in your life so you can share His mercy and love with those around you.

Today's Bible Readings: Psalms 84, 90    Revelation 9

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