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"How Can I Be Sure?"

December 6, 2003

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“How can I be sure of this?” Luke 1:18


Zechariah was questioning how he could be certain of these things. After all, it was not normal for an elderly man and his wife to have children. How could he be sure God would bring this to pass? God had promised.

It was a cold Saturday morning. Out of concern, Bill picked up the phone to call Chuck. He didn’t want to be perceived as somebody who meddled in other people’s business. He hesitated and wondered, “How can I be sure this is the right thing to do?”

As he was debating the issue, his son, Sam, came in, dressed in a coat and cap. He was going with the youth group to collect canned goods in the neighborhood for the homeless.

Bill asked, “Why in the world would the group collect food on a cold Saturday morning?” Sam replied, “Because the need is greater in the winter.” He explained how the director of the homeless shelter had told them that more people seek shelter when the weather is cold. Some even feel so helpless they don’t know where to ask for food. Volunteers seek them out to offer food and shelter.

Bill began to wonder if Chuck felt helpless in his situation. What if he didn’t know how to ask for help? Bill dialed his number. Chuck answered and said, “Thanks for calling.”

How can you be sure of the right approach toward someone you feel needs the love of God? Jesus commanded us to love one another as He has loved us. Let Christian love be your guide for helping others.

Ask God to lead you in making known the love of God to someone who really needs to know Him. Pray He will help you respond in a manner reflective of Him.

Today's Bible Readings: Ezra 3-4    1 John 5

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