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Daily Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries

"Where is My Mission?"

December 3, 2003

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Once when Zechariah’s division was on duty. Luke 1:8


God calls us to different roles in His mission as we go about our everyday vocations, even as He did with an “on duty” Zechariah. Our mission of vocation is vital and instrumental in the work of His kingdom expansion.

Something Julie said stuck in Bill’s mind: “I’m not some holy person who has given up her career for Christ.” Bill wondered if he was supposed to give up his career to do something else for God? “What can I do for the mission as a systems analyst? Convert computers for Jesus?”

Bill felt anxious. He went to work pondering what the Lord had in mind for his life. He wasn’t sure where his mission was.

As Bill went about his duties, he found himself in a discussion about children with one of his co-workers. Chuck was troubled by the “bad crowd” with whom his young teenage son, Bobby, spent some time. Yet, he wasn’t sure what to do. In his words, “There just doesn’t seem to be any place for him to meet good kids.”

Bill thought about it and replied, “My church has a youth group that’s filled with positive kids. What about the youth group at your church?” Chuck responded, “I don’t go to church.”

Suddenly, Bill found himself in his mission field while on duty as a systems analyst. He froze and, for some reason, could only say, “Oh.” He silently wondered, “Does Chuck need Jesus for Christmas?”

Where does God call you to be in mission? Right where you are! Be faithful in your daily duties—ready to serve in God’s mission in every way possible when called on to do so.

Pray for God to show you how you can fulfill His mission in your daily duties.

Today's Bible Readings: Ezekiel 45-46    1 John 2

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