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Daily Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries

"All of Life is a Journey"

July 10, 2003

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Then Jacob continued on his journey. (Genesis 29:1)

Jacob went on a journey to his uncle Laban because he was fleeing for his life. His brother Esau had threatened to kill Jacob because the latter had cheated him out of his inheritance.

When we go on a journey, it us usually under more pleasant circumstances. We want to visit friends or relatives, see new sights, find rest and recreation. As we travel it is well for us to remember that not only this trip but all of life is a journey. The passing of every day brings us closer to our destination, our eternal home, the many mansions Jesus has prepared and reserved for us in the Father’s house, which is heaven.

As we travel through life it is important that we do not linger at places when we should be just passing through or passing over. Someone has said, “The world is a bridge; the wise man will pass over it, but will not build his house on it.” We are strangers and pilgrims on earth and we are on our way home.

How fortunate we are that Jesus Christ is our constant companion on life’s journey! He is the Way, the Truth, the Life. We come to the Father through Him who died for us and rose again.

Life, then, is not, as a modern playwright has said, a “long journey into night” but a journey into day – an eternal day!

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, we travel confidently and live joyfully because we know that You are always with us. Amen.

(Taken from “Our Journey with Jesus” (out of print), copyright 1976, International Lutheran Laymen’s League.)

Today's Bible Readings: 2 Kings 10-12    James 4

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