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Daily Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries

"Dealing With Doubt"

May 10, 2003

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Mark 9:24 "Immediately the boy's father exclaimed, 'I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!'"

Many believers have experienced moments when they were not quite sure of their faith. With all their accumulated knowledge, all their broadening "education," and with the "tune of the times" dictating much of their thinking, they have wondered if they can still sing with the children of their Sunday school class: "Jesus loves me, this I know; for the Bible tells me so."

Yes, you and I can still sing that hymn and mean it -- if we maintain the attitude of the man quoted in the above Scripture passage. He had asked the Lord to cure his son, who was suffering from a severe mental disorder. In response the Savior asked: "Do you believe I can?" To which the man replied: "Yes, Lord, I believe; please help me deal with my doubts and disbelief." And the Lord healed the man's son!

It was not the father's faith, weak or strong, that saved the boy. It was the strong Lord. And we may be sure that in the process the faith of the father was mightily strengthened. Let us always remember: we are not saved by the strength of our faith; we are saved by the redeeming love of our Lord Jesus Christ. In Him we trust whatever the circumstance of life may be.

PRAYER: O Lord, I do believe. When doubts assail me, please be at my side to strengthen me. Amen.

(Taken from "Words of Promise," copyright 1996, Concordia Publishing House (out of print). For information on other devotional materials, call 1-800-325-3040.)

Today's Bible Readings: 2 Samuel 6-7    Psalms 30    John 1:29-51

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