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Daily Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries

"Another Prayer"

April 14, 2003

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Psalm 143:1 "O LORD, hear my prayer, listen to my cry for mercy; in Your faithfulness and righteousness come to my relief."

Pilgrim's Progress depicts a man trying to find relief from his sins. He is pictured as a pilgrim carrying a huge burden on his shoulders. At one point, he approaches a hill. Climbing to the top, he finds a cross. At the bottom is an empty grave. All at once his burden falls from his shoulders, rolls down the hill, and disappears into the grave.

We carry a burden with us-the burden of sin. We cry out for God to come to our relief. He answers by bringing us to the cross of His Son. He says, "Here your burden is relieved. Your sin is taken from you." And He buries our sin in the grave with His Son.

But like that grave in Pilgrim's Progress the grave of Jesus Christ is empty. Though He died and was buried, three days later His grave was empty. Guards had been posted to keep everyone out, but they couldn't keep Jesus in! He is alive forever. Jesus conquered sin and death for you! He rose from the dead! And you, too, will live forever because of the faith you have in Christ.

Today's Bible Readings: Judges 1-3    Luke 12:32-59

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