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Daily Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries

"When Already?"

April 9, 2003

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Psalm 6:3-4 "My soul is in anguish. How long, O LORD, how long? Turn, O LORD, and deliver me; save me because of Your unfailing love."

I was at the zoo with my wife and three boys. We had been walking around for at least two hours, seeing every animal. We had made our way to the "back" of the zoo-seeing all the animals along the way. With no more new animals to see, we had to walk back through the entire zoo to reach the car. As we walked I watched my 2-year-old make the journey. He struggled to keep up. He was so tired! Finally, I picked him up and carried him on my shoulders.

When I make my way through each Lent, it is at about this time that I really become weary. Lent is less than two weeks from ending. I've been focusing on my sinfulness and God's love and mercy upon me. I'm weary. But then when I come to worship and hear God's love and mercy preached and announced, it's as if He's picked me up and put me on His shoulders to carry me. He picks you up and puts you on His shoulders, too! Don't worry, He's got big shoulders-there's room enough for all!

Today's Bible Readings: Joshua 10-12    Luke 10:1-24

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