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March 19, 2003

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Psalm 38:9 "All my longings lie open before You, O LORD; my sighing is not hidden from You."

There are times when I enjoy sitting in a dimly lit room, listening to soft music and praying-just talking to God. But there are other times I need to talk to someone else. My wife is a good listener and I am thankful that God has given her to me.

But even though my wife listens, there are some things about me even she doesn't know. It's not that way with God. Nothing is hidden from Him. He knows everything about me and, at times, that is so comforting.

Yet there are times when I wish God didn't know everything, especially an embarrassing sin. But I can't have it both ways, and I really don't want it both ways. Even though it might feel uncomfortable for God to know everything about me, I'm glad He does. He knows everything about you as well. And when someone knows you that well, it is a wonderful relationship to experience.

Today's Bible Readings: Numbers 23-25    Mark 16

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