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LHM International Ministries Online Curriculum

Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) partners with individuals, groups, schools and congregations to share the Gospel in over 30 countries. Working through local staff at ministry centers in each country, LHM's International Ministries Partnership program enables you to be actively involved, communicate directly, give financial support, and encourage a ministry center of your choice. As a result, you will build relationships with our staff and volunteers, and support a variety of outreach programs, such as helping children and youth learn about Christ through Vacation Bible Schools; training lay church leaders to share God's word through Equipping the Saints evangelism workshops; and organizing public events that not only entertain, but also promote a Christian witness.

Partnership at Your Level
As an LHM International Ministries partner, you decide your level of commitment to a ministry center, whether it is through a one-time gift, ongoing support, or taking a short-term mission trip to the ministry center to do hands on ministry. At any level, your commitments are essential to sharing Christ's salvation with those who do not yet know Him.

Country Curriculum
LHM International Ministries provides a unique resource for you to use to educate and create awareness about the specific ministry center partner. We have curriculum for 16 of our international ministry centers geared for preschool through grade 8 for use in schools, Sunday schools, Bible classes, or volunteer teams. You will learn about the history, geography, culture and religion in that particular country. In addition you will receive teaching aids such as black line masters, chapel talks and PowerPoint presentations.

Contact Polly Gregali, manager of International Ministries Partnerships to learn more about the program and using these resources.

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