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What do you do when you're looking for the next topic of study for your adult Bible group? Use one of Lutheran Hour Ministries' rhyming children's booklets, of course! Here's how that light went on for a congregation in Ohio.

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While Project Connect topical booklets and display stands are frequent fixtures in church narthexes, offices of business, and other places where people gather, you might not expect to see them at truck stops. Well, Gene Mackay from Nebraska is changing all that.

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St. John's Lutheran Church Men's Work Day involved 23 men from different churches serving the Alexandria, Virginia, community through projects helping the Carpenter's Shelter for the Homeless, Franconia Elementary School, and the Early Childhood Education Center at St. John Lutheran Church (SJLC).

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Often it takes a special person to do a special job. Gunya Na Thalang is one of those people.Recently, in this her 25th anniversary year with Lutheran Hour Ministries, she dedicated time to be interviewed by the editor of The Lutheran Layman.

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