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Just in time for the new school year, The Bully booklet from JCPlayZone. Written as a rhyming poem, The Bully tells the story of David and a boy who was giving him grief—Billy. As is often the case, David, like so many other kids, is just trying to go to school to learn new stuff, make some friends, and discover day by day what this world is all about. Standing in his way, however, is an insecure child, who is bent on making life difficult for others by intimidating and belittling them.

As a classroom resource, this one is tough to beat. In The Bully kids see and read about bully behavior in action and how it’s entirely unacceptable. They also see how keeping one’s cool, praying for those who give them grief and—this is important!—telling a grown-up when a kid is getting out of line is the right thing to do.

Concluding with a prayer kids can use when talking to God, The Bully is a perfect fit for youngsters who sometimes feel like they’re going it alone.