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Talking With God

Many people who want to talk with God get stuck right after they've called on His name - "Dear God..." Some don't even get that far!

Maybe you don't talk with God because you're not sure He's listening. God loves you and gives you His promise that He's always ready to hear anything you want to tell Him. He LOVES to hear from His children!

Sometimes, you may not be sure of what to say or how to say it. You really don't know how to say those long wonderful prayers like they do in church and maybe you think yours would just sound silly. Well, does a parent turn away from a child just because the child speech isn't as good as an adult's? Of course not. God is a loving God - and He already knows what's in your heart, He understands what you want to say.

Will God always answer your prayer? Yes, that He promises. Although it may not always be the answer YOU want. Like a parent, God will answer His children's request with what is best--even if the children don't understand that at the time!

Ideal for both new and life-long Christians. This booklet offers fresh insights into commonly asked questions: Does prayer really work? Is there a right way to pray?

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