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The Purpose of Living..The Purpose of Dying

A growing number of people believe that death is the answer to many of our social, personal and physical problems. Whether it's killing oneself, a sick or injured loved one, or a baby in the womb, death is often seen as the only way out of a bad situation. Sometimes it is a last, desperate act to gain "control" over a situation or an entire life that feels out of control.

It some ways, we have developed a "culture of death." Death is preferred over pain, taking a life over inconvienencing our own. But, not everyone accepts this philosophy, for within this "culture of death" there exists a sub-culture - a culture not based on hopelessness and fear but of hope and trust. It's made up of people who claim citizenship in a special kingdom - a kingdom of life. Their Ruler, or King, named Jesus, has taught them that death is NEVER the answer, that death is, in fact, the last great enemy. And this King shares with them His own victory over death so that they might live forever. These citizens cling to their Ruler's words, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full" (John 10:10).

This first-hand account chronicles the life of Rob Casteel from the day he is diagnosed with AIDS. His story is a powerful and moving discovery process of God's purpose for our lives.

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