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LHM Affiliated Groups

LHM Affiliated Group Grants


Lutheran Hour Ministries is excited to partner with your Affiliated Group in your local, regional, or international outreach efforts. As an Affiliated Group you are eligible to apply for a grant to help you in your efforts. Grants will be given only for projects that involve outreach to the local community, the region, and/or the world. Preference will be given to grant requests that make use of Lutheran Hour Ministries' resources.

Affiliated Groups may apply for a grant any time during the year (see quarterly deadlines). Grants are available for up to $3,000 ($50 minimum) and are awarded quarterly in March, June, September, and December. The total amount of the grant will not exceed the total budget for the project. Affiliated Groups are allowed to earn one grant per calendar year.

Once you apply, a committee will review the applications and determine the distribution of the grants. Groups receiving grants will be required to complete a follow-up evaluation form reporting on how the funds were used and to what extent the project goals were met.


  • March grants applications are due by February 1st
  • June grants applications are due by May 1st
  • September grants applications are due by August 1st
  • December grants applications are due by November 1st


To apply for an Affiliated Group Missions Grant, the following items need to be completed:

  • Cover Sheet
  • Budget Form
  • Written Proposal
  • Project Report (after the completion of the project)


Reviewing grant proposals is challenging and can be very competitive. Here are the steps in our review process and the criteria we use when considering grant awards.

Application Deadline - Grant proposals and applications can be submitted at any time during the year, but will only be considered during the quarter in which they are submitted. Please refer to the Grant Application Deadline list for those dates.

Staff/Committee Review -After proposals and applications are received, Lutheran Hour Ministries staff, who serve on the Affiliated Groups committee will review the proposals and groups will be notified of the status of their application. The final decision on grant awards is made by the Committee members.


As the committee reviews each proposal, here are some of the criteria we use:

  • Does the program or project involve outreach to the local community, the region and/or world?
  • Does the project mission fit with Lutheran Hour Ministries' Mission?
  • Does the project utilize Lutheran Hour Ministries' resources?
  • Does the Grant amount exceed the total budget for the project?


If your grant application is approved you will be asked to provide a brief report on the impact on those you served. Submitting a follow up report helps us evaluate the impact of the Mission Grants Program andgives us a way to share your story with our supporters.


Click here to download a form.

Please send all forms (including cover sheet and budget forms) to:

Affiliated Groups Mission Grants
Lutheran Hour Ministries
660 Mason Ridge Center Drive
St. Louis, MO 63141

Please email all forms to

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