Ministry Stories

Lutheran Hour Ministries is a leading Christian outreach organization that connects individuals with Christian congregations, primarily in The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, Lutheran Church—Canada and other partners. The ministry’s ultimate goal is to see people transformed, through the Holy Spirit, into the creation God intended. As Your Partner in His Mission, Lutheran Hour Ministries is communicating the Good News of Jesus to the hurting and lost through Christian radio and TV programming, Internet and print communications, dramas, music, outreach training and other culturally relevant programs to facilitate eternal relationships.


His Mission in Your Life
 “I found out earlier in the year that my sister had been diagnosed with stage four cancer and I have been struggling to come to terms with the news. One evening I went into her bedroom and felt compelled to turn on the radio, which was something I very rarely did. I heard The Lutheran Hour coming over the airwaves with a sermon about counting on Christ’s mercy. I was immediately taken aback and felt the message was being delivered to me personally. God really spoke to my heart through this sermon and I am very grateful that The Lutheran Hour served as a vehicle for God’s comfort and consolation. While I don’t know what plans God has in store for my sister, I can now feel His closeness and love much stronger and I am grateful that He has my sister in His loving care.”

Mary T.,
Listener of The Lutheran Hour

His Mission in Your Community
“One of our school families was struggling financially after the dad lost his job. At Christmas time, another family in the church came to us and asked to be able to provide gifts, anonymously, for a school family in need. So our school helped the one family bless the other—and although the school family had not been active before, they began coming to church and getting involved.

“The dad even joined our newly-formed Men’s Network group—and as he got to know the faithful Christian men around him, he admitted that he was wrestling with some behaviors that could harm his family—and now he wanted to get a fresh start. This was the beginning of a personal turnaround for him.

“God has amazed us by using our Christian community to help a hurting family and by using our participation in LHM’s Men’s Network to put the right Christian men in the right place just when this dad needed their support the most.”

Sherry P.,
Lutheran School Principal, Michigan

His Mission in Your World
“The home we built today was for an elderly woman in the village who had been sleeping in a small one room ‘cottage’ with several other people. She was so grateful, she tightly held the hands of the women in our group often and would not let go.

“Neighbors have been coming each day to help. Word must be spreading, because the crowd is growing. We ate lunch with the local representatives of the Communist Party here—and had an opportunity to exchange some light-hearted jokes with them, thanks to the expert translating provided by LHM—Vietnam’s director.

“We feel as if we have moved past being strangers in a strange land to being at home among some wonderful new friends. We have so much to give thanks for!”

2011 International Volunteer Trip Volunteer

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