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Project Manager, International Creative Content

Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM), a non-profit organization located in West County, seeks a Project Manager - Creative Content will work closely with the Regional Directors and International Ministry Centers/Operations in the development and implementation of strategic, high-quality media programming that enables innovative proclamation of the Gospel to the unchurched (unreached, non-churched and non-Christians) around the world. This person will be responsible for managing coordinated efforts to provide resources and to help build capacity and creative content in the use of accessible media channels such as radio, television, social media, websites, online video, email, print, etc. to engage the non-believing world in conversations regarding faith, Jesus and Christianity.

Lutheran Hour Ministries is a global outreach ministry that uses Christian radio and TV programming, internet and print communications, online education, web based outreach and other culturally relevant venues and methods to share Christ within the United States and in more than 50 other countries.

* Passion for sharing Christ with the unbelieving world
* A Bachelor's or an equivalent combination of advanced education and experience in one or more fields related to the position description (e.g. theology, evangelism, communications, social media, digital strategies, education)
* International experience with a demonstrated ability to work well with people from a diversity of cultures.
* Demonstrated ability to think creatively with ideas for reaching the unchurched with the Gospel
* Strong organization, communication, and project management skills required
* Significant familiarity with web, mobile, and social media
* A willingness and ability to travel internationally
* Committed Lutheran Christian

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