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Theological Writer

Lutheran Hour Ministries is looking for a creative writer interested in and able to develop (or adapt) doctrinally sound, relevant, positive, and compelling media messages. Areas of focus include writing Bible studies, devotional materials, course content appropriate for different audiences and media as well as articles for publications and direct mail appeals.
Lutheran Hour Ministries is a global outreach ministry that uses Christian radio and TV programming, internet and print communications, online education, web based outreach and other culturally relevant venues and methods to share Christ within the United States and in more than 50 other countries.

* Ability to write theological content that is in alignment with the doctrines of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
* Possess creativity and an 'original voice'
* Excellent command of written English and literary skills and devices
* Motivation and self-discipline to work without supervision
* Ability to work to tight deadlines
* Knowledge of the literary marketplace, and of the target audience

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