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Lutheran Hour Ministries’ 100th Anniversary Celebration

The vibrant history of laity-driven ministry and the bold vision for future sharing of the Gospel were common themes as around 900 people participated in the centennial kickoff that began at Union Station in St. Louis, Oct. 21-23, to help the International Lutheran Laymen’s League / Lutheran Hour Ministries kick off its celebration of 100 years of mission and ministry. The weekend highlighted many blessings that God has bestowed on LHM, including past and present volunteers, leadership, staff, and radio hosts; the impact of the This is the Life television program through the eyes of producer Dr. Ardon Albrecht and Hollywood television executive Gary Hall; and a chance for attendees to visit with LHM ministry center representatives from more than 30 nations to learn more about culturally relevant outreach efforts used by each center.

Attendees also heard powerful motivators for getting out of their comfort zones to respond to God’s call and follow in the footsteps of the lay leaders who paved the way for the ministry we see today.

“Every one of us is called by God,” said Seltz. “LHM is here to equip and resource you to be the best you can be so that other people will come to know Jesus because they got to know you. There will be people in heaven who got to know Christ because they got to know you.”

In addition to Seltz, the dynamic lineup of presenters included Rev. Dr. Ken Klaus, Speaker Emeritus of The Lutheran Hour; Rev. Matt Popovits, pastor of Our Saviour New York, a family of parishes in Manhattan and Queens; Rev. Greg Finke, author of the book Joining Jesus on His Mission and founder/executive director of the Dwelling 1:14 nonprofit ministry; Cindy Steinbeck, a retired director of Christian education in the LCMS who now owns and operates Steinbeck Vineyards and Winery; and Rev. Mike Newman, mission and ministry facilitator for the Texas District of the LCMS. Each presenter challenged, energized, and equipped attendees with the tools and encouragement to put their faith into action.

“Go out with the same courage, confidence, and commitment as those who preceded you, and set an example of proclamation for those in generations coming after you,” said Klaus. “This day is your day; this moment is your moment. If not us, then who? If not now, then when?”

Stay tuned to learn about other ways that LHM will celebrate this special 100-year milestone!

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