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Fall 2013 Bulletin Inserts

Ancient writings...that didn't make the cut

You've heard their names-the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Judas, the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, and so on-along with all the claims that pop scholars have been making about these and other ancient books that purportedly were kept out of the Bible. Ready for an in-depth look at this thought-provoking topic? Take a look at Lost Books?, the new video Bible study from LHM's Men's NetWork. Side 1 of our Fall 2013 bulletin insert has all the information you need to dig into this great study!

The latest...from LHM!

On Side 2 of our Fall 2013 bulletin insert, we share up-to-date news about some of our great LHM programs and resources. Find out about our Fall 2013 Regional Outreach Conferences in Omaha and Houston; learn about LHM's always-current Project Connect booklet resources; and read an infobit that will make you want to know more about our International Ministries Partnership program!

Winter 2013 Bulletin Inserts

Lutheran Hour Ministries Advent Devotional Offerings

Learn how you can enrich your daily meditations during Advent with Lutheran Hour Ministries Advent Devotions. In the series The Word Made Flesh and Dwelt Among Us, adult readers will discover the sweep of John the evangelist's vision of the eternal Son of God who came to earth as a human for the sake of all humans. In Advent People: Waiting for the Coming Savior, younger readers will walk alongside people of the Old Testament who lived in anticipation of the One Who would come to redeem fallen humankind. And in Un Camino Diferente (A Different Way), Spanish-speaking readers will meditate daily on how those who have encountered the Son of God go about their lives in "a different way."

A Virtual Mission Adventure: Kenya

Lutheran schools can register now for Lutheran Hour Ministries' Online Mission Trip to Kenya, January 27-30, 2014! What's an Online Mission Trip? This insert will offer an overview of LHM's annual virtual mission experience for schoolchildren-along with links you can use to learn more and get involved!

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