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Spring 2014 Bulletin Inserts

SENT : LHM Outreach Conference

Today the need for a message of hope for the hopeless and healing for the broken is greater than ever. Join Christians from across North AmeriCa for Lutheran Hour Ministriesí SENT Outreach Conference, July 24-27 at the GM Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michiganóand be energized and equipped to share the unique message of Godís grace through Jesus. Side 1 of our Spring 2014 bulletin insert has all the information you need!

Lives are Changed at five14 Events!

On Side 2 of our Spring 2014 bulletin insert, we share up-to-date news about some of our great LHM programs and resources. Whatís five14? Itís an outreach training resource for youth and young adults who are ready to put their faith into action and make a real impact for Jesus. Host a five14 event at your church, or team up with several neighbor youth or young adult groups and help ignite a culture of outreach in your region!

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