LHM Church and School Resources Archived Stories

January 8, 2013

  Lutheran Hour Ministries' Lenten Devotions Can Spark Your Easter Outreach

October 31, 2012

  Strengthen Your Christmas Outreach with Customizable Devotions from LHM

August 27, 2012

  Register Your Students Now to Take an Online Mission Trip to Thailand!

April 11, 2012

  Special Offer for LHM's 'Project Connect' Booklet Displays

March 22, 2012

  Special Offer for Teachers Who Have Used 'JCPlayZone'!

February 8, 2012

  Register Your Students Now to Take an Online Mission Trip to Paraguay!

January 19, 2012

  'Lutheran Hour Ministries Sunday' is Feb. 5; Help Us Help You in Your Ministry!

November 9, 2011

  There's Still Time to Customize and Print LHM's Advent Devotions

September 14, 2011

  NASCAR Great Ned Jarrett Featured in New Study from 'Men's NetWork'

June 1, 2011

  Lutheran Hour Ministries' 'The Bible on Trial' Airs on Television Nationally June 18 and July 18

May 3, 2011

  Lutheran Hour Ministries' 'The Bible on Trial' to Air on Television in May

April 14, 2011

  New Bible Study from the 'Men's NetWork' Helps Christians Defend the Bible

February 23, 2011

  LHM's Lenten Devotions Can Spark Your Church's Easter Outreach

January 31, 2011

  'Lutheran Hour Ministries Sunday' is Feb. 6; Help Us Help You in Your Ministry!

November 23, 2010

  Regional Outreach Conferences from LHM Train and Inspire

October 25, 2010

  Strengthen Your Christmas Outreach with Customizable Devotions from LHM

September 28, 2010

  Boost Your Witnessing Confidence with Advanced Evangelism Training from LHM

August 12, 2010

  'Five14' Lights a Fire in Teens

June 10, 2010

  Updated Witnessing-Training Will Motivate and Inspire Teens at National Youth Gathering

May 18, 2010

  Father's Day on 'Woman to Woman': Hear Earthquake Survivor's Amazing Story

April 15, 2010

  JCPlayZone Update: New Online Activities for Kids

March 23, 2010

  Give Your Mission Efforts a Jolt with LHM's International Ministries Partnerships

February 12, 2010

  The Most-Asked-For Bible Study: Available Now from LHM!

January 26, 2010

  Transform Your Lenten Season Outreach

January 12, 2010

  Worship Resources Now Available for 'Lutheran Hour Ministries Sunday'

December 8, 2009

  New Christmas-Themed Bible Study Available from LHM

November 19, 2009

  New Look for Children's Prayer Book

October 15, 2009

  Now Available—Lutheran Hour Ministries' Customizable Advent Devotions

September 15, 2009

  Take Your Witnessing Training to the Next Level

August 27, 2009

  New 'Men's NetWork' Bible Study Reviews History, Authenticity of Scripture

July 14, 2009

  Entertainment and Education All-In-One: 'JCPlayZone'

June 18, 2009

  Two New Booklets Now Available from Lutheran Hour Ministries

May 14, 2009

  Reach Out to the Hispanic Population in Your Area

April 23, 2009

  REACH Conference Don't-Miss Outreach Experience for Young Adults

March 10, 2009

  New 'Men's NetWork' Ignites Men's Groups to Greater Action

February 12, 2009

  LHM's 2009 Lenten Devotions Uplift and Encourage; Available Online Now

January 21, 2009

  Online Resources from LHM's 'Men's NetWork' Connect Men to the Church

January 8, 2009

  Resources Now Available Online for Your Church's 'LHM Sunday' Celebration

December 16, 2008

  Special Christmas Activities Available on 'JCPlayZone'

November 11, 2008

  There's Still Time to Customize and Print LHM's Advent Devotions

October 16, 2008

  LHM-Organized Mission Trips a Great Opportunity for School and Church Groups

September 11, 2008

  Empower Your Members to Share Christ through LHM's 'Equipping to Share' Workshops

August 12, 2008

  Christian Parenting Workshop Series Helps Churches and Schools Reach Out In Their Communities

July 10, 2008

  Share Hope: A Back-to-School Service Project for Students of All Ages

May 29, 2008

  LHM's 'JCPlayZone' Entertains Kids During the Hot Summer Months

May 13, 2008

  Parenting Workshop Series Helps You Reach Out to Young Families

April 8, 2008

  New Episodes of 'Woman to Woman' Encourage and Uplift

March 13, 2008

  Spring Volunteer Project Helps Students Share Christ’s Love in Kenya

February 19, 2008

  LHM Introduces Special Outreach Training Track for Young Adults During International Convention of the Int'l LLL

January 24, 2008

  ‘LHM Sunday’ to Be Held in Most Churches Feb. 24 – LHM Needs Your Help!

January 8, 2008

  LHM’s Lenten Devotions Now Available for Your Church or School

December 11, 2007

  Parenting Workshop Appeals to Member and Non-Member Families

November 13, 2007

  LHM Advent Devotions Available in Many Formats to Suit Your Church or School’s Needs

October 9, 2007

  Winter and Spring ‘Equipping to Share’ Workshop Dates Filling Fast — Book Now!

September 13, 2007

  LHM’s Ambassador Program Supports Church Outreach

August 14, 2007

  Participate in a Fun Back-to-School Activity and Share the Gospel With Children in India

July 11, 2007

  New Features on ‘JCPlayZone’ Fight Midsummer Boredom

June 13, 2007

  Lutheran Hour Ministries Can Help Your Church Be More Successful in Outreach

May 8, 2007

  Christ-Centered Topical Booklets Share a Message of Hope

April 10, 2007

  Daily Devotions by Pastor Klaus Encourage and Uplift Christians in Their Daily Walk

March 13, 2007

  Welcome New Neighbors to Your Community Systematically, Effectively

February 13, 2007

  LHM Launches New Women’s Radio Program

January 11, 2007

  Lenten Devotions Now Available in Three Printable Formats

December 12, 2006

  LHM’s Holiday Specials Airing this Christmas Season

November 16, 2006

  A “How-To Guide” to LHM’s Advent Devotions — Now Available Online

October 10, 2006

  New Research Available on LHM’s ‘Congregational Tool Kit’

September 20, 2006

  'Practicing Hospitality' and 'New Neighbor Outreach' Now Available

August 10, 2006

  Share Christ through LHM’s ‘Global Care Packages–Uruguay’

July 13, 2006

  Share Christ’s Love through LHM’s Hurricane Service Project

June 8, 2006

  Order LHM Bulletin Inserts for Your Congregation

May 11, 2006

  Share Christ with the Lost through LHM’s Booklet Ministry

April 25, 2006

  Find Helpful Resources on LHM’s International Ministries Web Site

February 24, 2006

  Lutheran Hour Ministries Can Help Your Members and Students Get Involved in Ablaze!

February 3, 2006

  LHM Ablaze! Resources Help You Share Christ

December 16, 2005

  Update Your Counts Now for Next Year’s ‘Advent Devotional Books’

November 11, 2005

  Ambassadors Connect Your Church to Lutheran Hour Ministries’ Outreach Resources

October 18, 2005

  LHM’s ‘Equipping to Share’ Workshops Can Help Your Church Reach the Lost

September 21, 2005

  LHM Has a Backpack Program and Free Booklets to Help You Share Christ’s Love with Hurricane Survivors

September 7, 2005

  Lutheran Hour Ministries Has Resources to Help You Reach Hurricane Survivors with Christ’s Message of Hope

August 18, 2005

  Lutheran Hour Ministries Seeks Volunteers For Upcoming 'Global Work & Witness' Trips

June 22, 2005

  Pack a Box to Support ‘LHM Global Care Packages — Uganda’

June 2, 2005

  Access LHM’s New Online Tool Kit to Find Resources to Reach Your Community